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Pilot Project Tunisia

The Green Hill Resort is an eco-hotel SPA complex in Beni M''Tir in the Northwest of Tunisia.

Accommodation is provided in three zero energy chalets with a total floor space of 148 m² and incorporating technology based on geothermal and solar energy as well as bioclimatic architectural elements.


Faiez Rouissi, partner, architect and project developer


Centre International des Technologies de l'Environnement de Tunis (CITET)


Solar Energy Systems (SES)



PP Tunisia


The Green Hill Resort is a thermal and esthetic SPA eco-hotel complex based on the 5 natural elements earth, water, fire, air and metal, integrating them in an architectural bio climatic conception. The chalets (accommodation) can be reproduced in the region as a model for ecotourism or even for dwellings / residences.

The energy concept is based on geothermal energy (heat pumps), solar energy (solar thermal and PV) as well as bioclimatic architecture.


By combining renewable energies and architectural elements, the chalets are almost CO2 neutral. However, the investment cost is more or less 100% higher than for a standard solution. As the project cannot be considered from an economical point of view, the priority was on the publicity effect and on the "green image" which has great impact in the tourist sector.


Main technical features of the Pilot Project

The energy concept is based on geothermal energy (heat pumps), solar energy (solar thermal and PV) as well as bioclimatic architecture.

Basic measures with high / moderate cost efficiency

  • orientation
  • compact building
  • shading, also using vegetation
  • thermal insulation of building envelope
  • thermal mass
  • energy efficient appliances (e.g. lighting, refrigerators, etc.)
  • solar collectors for domestic hot water

Additional demonstration measures

  • geothermal heat pump for space and water heating
  • photovoltaic system for electricity production (2.5 kW)
  • solar air collectors to cool the chalets in summer

Main results of the Pilot Project

The primary energy consumption of the Green Hill Resort Pilot Project is reduced by about 95%, compared to a comparable conventional building. The chalets in the Resort are therefore almost CO2-neutral. However, investment costs are much higher than for a standard solution.

The priority for the pilot project developer was on the "green" image of the Resort. Therefore, the project is expected to be profitable as more affluent resort guests will be attracted, willing to pay higher prices compared to standard hotel buildings.

The project is focusing on the demonstration of all kind of energy efficient and renewable solutions in one project and not on the most cost efficient package (re. graph 1). The listed basic measures are cost-efficient themselves and can be implemented in comparable projects (re. graph 2)

Graph 1:


Graph 2:


Supporting material

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