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Pilot Project Turkey

The RMI Turkey Scientific Research and Training Centre is located in Gebze / Kocaeli

The three story building has been equipped with ground coupled heat pumps for heating and cooling and has a total floor space of 1763 m², consisting of a seminar hall, several laboratories, offices spaces and application areas.

The project is the national winner of the ENERGY GLOBE Award 2008.


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The purpose of the RMI Building is to be a model for similar projects in suitable locations, to increase awareness about energy efficiency at a public and scientific level and to enhance the know-how in the field of energy. The idea is to create and develop the market for renewable energies, to cut down the energy bill and to reduce CO2 emissions.

The energy concept of the building is based on the use of geothermal heat pumps for heating and cooling, an improved building envelope and design features such as the use of natural daylight and orientation.


The pilot project shows a reduction of the total primary energy consumption by over 30% compared to a conventional building. However, due to the increased investment cost, the payback period only start after 12 years. It can be brought down slightly within the framework of large building programs and due to the learning effect.


Main technical features of the Pilot Project

The energy concept of the RMI Building is based on the use of geothermal heat pumps, an improved insulation of the building envelope and the use of natural daylight.

The following basic measures with high / moderate cost efficiency were implemented:

  • Improved thermal insulation of wall with 8 cm thickness
  • 27 Ground coupled heat pumps for heating and cooling purposes with 22 vertical boreholes, each 100 meters deep
  • natural day lighting by two skylights (190 m2)
  • utilization of passive solar energy by orienting building architecture to sun

Additional measures

  • Special day lighting system (solatubes)

Main results of the Pilot Project

The use of the heat pump, the improved building envelope, the orientation of the building and the day lighting system reduce overall primary energy consumption by 34% compared to a conventional building.

The investment cost of the pilot project is increased by 25% compared to conventional buildings, which is mainly due to the heat pump system. As a result of the energy cost savings, the incremental costs may be paid back within 12 years. For an individual investor the economic incentive to use these technologies is moderate.

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However, the RMI Pilot Project can be considered as a profitable solution when benefiting from scale and learning effects in a larger building program.

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Supporting material

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Turkey PP in progress, click here for an overview.

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