MED-ENEC - Energy Efficiency in the Construction Sector in the Mediterranean


External cooperation programmes - European Commission


Name of Financing Organisation: 
Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC)
Type of Financing Organisation: 
Development Agency
Type of Measures/ Technologies: 
Energy Efficiency
Research & Development
Countries eligible for financing: 
Eligible to: 
Private individuals/Sector
Type of Financing: 
Technical Assistance
Financing range (EUR): 
Please check with the organisation (500,000)
Description & Conditions: 
The Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC) is the leading Egyptian Development Agency for Industry contributing to Competitiveness, Economic growth, Export growth, Employment, Poverty Alleviation and Gender Equality. Its objective is to support all industrial enterprises, individually or by sector, according to their development needs, through comprehensive and customized business competitiveness programmes focusing on Exports, Quality, Finance, Human Resource Development, Innovation and Technology, R&D, Information Technology. IMC was created with a joint fund from the EU, Government of Egypt and the Egyptian Private Sector. However IMC is now a landing for numerous funds, grants and technical assistance programmes. IMC is an Implementing Agency for projects such as: • Energy saving, CSR, Sustainability, R&D, Technology development and transfer • Facilitating access to finance to the industry • Training and employment generation • Entrepreneurship • Women empowerment targeting lesser developed areas • Development of Egyptian ethnic products (DEEP) * Source: "MEDA Finance 09 Survey" compiled by
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