MED-ENEC - Energy Efficiency in the Construction Sector in the Mediterranean


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Name of Financing Organisation: 
Islamic Development Bank: Unit Investment Fund (UIF)
Type of Financing Organisation: 
Investment Fund
Saudi Arabia
Type of Measures/ Technologies: 
Countries eligible for financing: 
Saudi Arabia
Eligible to: 
Private individuals/Sector
Public Sector
Type of Financing: 
Financing range (EUR): 
Please check with the organisation
Description & Conditions: 
UIF was launched in 1410H (1989) in order to promote foreign direct investment in IDB member countries. The Fund has carved for itself a market niche of investments and Shariah compliant products both in short and long term tenors. Thus, the Fund is diversified by sector, by geography and by time span to maturity. This diversification policy serves as a natural mechanism for risk mitigation. Target population: The Fund provides financing for both private and public sector in IDB member countries. In addition, it can even consider financing of trade and projects in non-member countries of IDB, if such financing is in line with the principles of Shariah. Application process: Financing requests may be sent direct to the Asset Management Department (AMD) at the contact address given below, and should indicate the purpose of financing, amount requested, proposed mode of financing, and required duration. Adviser-in-Charge Asset Management Department P.O. Box 5925 Jeddah 21432 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Phone: + 966-2-636-1400 Fax: + 966-2-644-8087 or 646-7824 Email: Applications form is available under:
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