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Events MENA-OECD ETF - A. Thieman Download
Events ITALGEN - G. DeBni Download
Events EIB - C. F. Gronhagen Download
Events Session Issues by Moderator - A. Kaupp Download
Events ERER - D. Fouquet Download
Events Developing Financing Schemes for RE Projects – M. Elkhayat Download
Events 15 Assalhen Mohamed Assnousi - Libya Present Situation & Future Initiatives Download
Events Nader El Hajj Shehadeh - Energy Services in Lebanon Download
Events Rana Saloum & Ali Abdullatif, Bahrain ESP Beirut - Bahrain Download
Events Arnulf Knorr - EUREM as an example for north-south synergy Download
Events Ettore Piantoni -Energy Service Providers, European Experience Download
Events Kurt Wiesegart - MED-ENEC II Presentation LEB ESCO Workshop Download
Events Regional Workshop on Regulation and certification of Energy Service Providers - Agenda Download
Events 17- MED-ENEC Final speech end of Workshop 2012-02-02 Download
Events MED-ENEC Algérie 10 - Rédaction des rapports. Download
Events MED-ENEC Algérie 10 - Rédaction des rapports. Download
Events MED-ENEC Algérie 09 - Mesurage et vérification de la performance. Download
Events MED-ENEC Algérie 07 - Analyse de coûts des mesures d'efficacité énergétique Download
Events MED-ENEC Algérie 06 - Indicateurs de performance dans les appareils de CVAC Download
Events MED-ENEC Algérie 05 - Économies dans les moteurs, pompes et ventilateurs. Download
Events MED-ENEC Algérie 04 - Éclairage et luminaires Download
Events MED-ENEC Algérie 03 - Évaluation de l'enveloppe du bâtiment. Download
Events MED-ENEC Algérie 02 - Historique de consommation Download
Events MED-ENEC Algérie 01 - Formulaires et feuilles de travail Download
Events MED-ENEC Algérie 00 - Introduction aux audits énergétiques Download
Events Ammar Al-Taher 2nd Presentation Download
Events Ammar Al-Taher 1st presentation Download
Events MED-ENEC II Presentation ENG Download
Events Programme de formation d’auditeurs énergétique dans le Bâtiment Alger du 29 Janvier au 02 Février, 2012 Download
Energy Efficiency Arab Energy Efficiency (EE) Guideline - French Version

French Translation of the Arab Energy Efficiency (EE) Guideline developed by the league of Arab states and adopted by its member member states.

The purpose of the guideline is promoting within the Arab States the national adoption and implementation of the Arab EE Guideline based on the EU directive 2006/32/EC on energy end-use efficiency and energy service known as “Service Directive”.

The Guideline is a 10 year framework program that requires sting of long term/short term indicative energy efficiency targets and the preparation and implementation of three 3-year National Energy Efficiency Action Plans (NEEAPs). The process of translation, adaptation and adoption of the EU directive into the Arab EE Guideline took two years.