MED-ENEC - Energy Efficiency in the Construction Sector in the Mediterranean


External cooperation programmes - European Commission

Kick-off Symposium . Syria Damascus . March 2006

Presentation Title Presenter Name
Opening: Kick-Off Symposium Wenzel, Klaus
MEDENER A channel between EU and MENA countries Al-Taher, Ammar
Energy Conservation in Egypt Mubarak, Amin
MEDREP: Mediterranean Renewable Energy Programme Marrouki, Sami
Energy Efficient Building in Egypt - MUST  Abdin, Ahmed
Turning Energy Efficiency Into Reality - Tailored Energy Saving Solution - Giant Stores, KSA PP Matar, Elie
Samples from the Tunisian Residential Building Demonstration Projects Bida, Mongi
Energy Efficiency Studies in Turkey
Korucu, Yusuf

Announcement of Competition: Invitation for Pilot Projects Petersdorff, Carsten
Application to Competition for PP  
Country Needs Assessment Next Steps of the MED-ENEC Project Wenzel, Klaus
EE in Egypt and its perspective Yassin, Ibrahim
Workshop on Business Development Verschelling, Jeroen
Energy Efficiency and Insulation Industry Diz, Timur
Climate, Energy Savings and Glass Akyurek, Yucel
Climatic Design at RSS (Royal Scientific Society) Al Asir, Hala
EE Standards and Labels Action Plan (Syria) Abdul Hadi, Zein
NERC Al-Taher, Ammar
Thermic and EE Codes in the New Buildings in Tunisia Bahri, Mounir

Developpement de l'EE dans le batiment au Maroc


Berdai, Mohamed
Speech: Order of Architect, Algeria Bou Hired, Houriah
The Johannesburg Renewable Energy Coalition, JREC Dakkina, AbdelAli
Lebanese Solar Market Jouni, Adnan
Lebanon Center for Energy Conservation and Planning Reslan, Ahmad
Lebanon Reform Policy Statement Reslan, Ahmad
Energy inTurkey: Structural Characteristics and Policy Priorities Yazar, Yusuf
EE Building in Egypt Abdin, Ahmed
Evaluation of Energy Saving Opportunities in Buildings Khalil, Adel
Lattakia Station Compound (LSC)- Methodology of Building Physics (MBP) Baradiy, Saad