MED-ENEC - Energy Efficiency in the Construction Sector in the Mediterranean


External cooperation programmes - European Commission

Regional Workshop 2, 3 & 4 . Egypt, Cairo . May 2007

Presentation Title Presenter Name
Abstract RW 2, 3  
Abstract RW 4  
Program RW 2, 3  
Program RW 4  
Energy Efficiency Strategy, Jordan Ammar Al Taher
Pay Back Times of EE / RE Measures Al Taher, Ammar

Financement de la diffusion a grande echelle du chauffe-eau solaire en Tunisia :PROSOL

Language: FRENCH

Bahri, Mounir 

Thermal Standards in Tunisia

Language: FRENCH

Bahri, Mounir
Energy Services in Europe (EPC) Becker, Daniel
Market development by advocacy:activities in the field of RE / EE in buildings in the EU Becker, Daniel

Mise en place d'une politique EE et ER au Maroc

Language: FRENCH

Berdai, Mohamed

Fonds De Garantie Des Efficacites Energetiques Et Des Energies Renouvelables

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Berdai, Mohamed
Energy Efficiency Auditing of Building Design Work Bida,Mongi
Conclusion of Market Study and Capacity Assessment (Maghreb Region) Chaaban,Farid
New Business Opportunities / Programme Dietschmann, Hans
Energy Standards for Buildings - Experiences in Germany and Europ Dilmetz, Klaus
Political framework and strategies for EE-incentives in buildings Dilmetz, Klaus
Energy Rating of Buildings Erell,Evyatar
Energy Performance Contracting-Success Story from Germany Groger,Jens
Standards, Regulations, Permits and Labelling for Buildings Mostert, Wolfgang
Strategies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings in EU Countries Mostert, Wolfgang
Regulations and Enforcement in MEDA Countries and Perspectives Mourtada,Adel
Framework Conditions in MEDA and Incentives Strategies Mourtada,Adel
Regulations in MEDA Mourtada,Adel
Lessons Learned and best practices from MEDA Mourtada,Adel
Energy Efficiency Testing Facilities of Home Appliances at NREA Sabry, Omneya
Regulatory and Institutional Framework of Morocco's EE Building Code Initiative Webster,Mark
UNDP/GEF Projects in the MEDA Region and Lessons Learnt Webster,Mark
Opportunities for Private Sector Participation in Morocco's EE Construction Market Webster,Mark
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Evaluation of Presentations and Speakers  
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