MED-ENEC - Energy Efficiency in the Construction Sector in the Mediterranean

MED-ENEC - Facing The Energy Challenge

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Un projet régional financé par l'Union européenne. Il vise à promouvoir des mesures d'efficacité énergétique et des systèmes d'énergie renouvelable dans les bâtiments aux pays au Sud et à l’Est de la Méditerranée. L’amélioration des conditions cadre, le développement des affaires, et l'appui aux grands programmes de construction nationaux sont les activités principales du projet.

Energy Audit Plan of Tunisia Assessed

Tunisia is facing the energy challenge: Its program ‘Audit Energétique sur Plan’ (AEP, a thermal performance assessment) is an important tool to improve the energy performance of buildings. It was now assessed by MED-ENEC, in support of the Tunisian National Energy Efficiency Agency (ANME). To improve the results of the Tunisian regulatory government framework, MED-ENEC made recommendations to increase the output of the program.

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Thermal Performance Study for the Taparura Project Building in Sfax

Thermal Performance Study for the Taparura Project Head Office Building in Sfax, ‘Rapport d’avancement du projet d’economie et d’energie Taparura’. The out come of this study has been implemented already in the Taparura project as the construction is ongoing. This article elaborates on general conclusions and the results of the Thermal Performance Study in relation to the Tunisian Energy Performance Building Labelling and is based on the information provided by the above mentioned study by CAMI and the Taparura Project team.

MED-ENEC Develops a Roadmap for Energy Efficiency Building Code

The presented road map is a tool to help policy makers implement energy efficiency building codes most effectively. An analysis of the barriers identified in the background study, has illustrated that a holistic approach to EEBC implementation is often lacking. Therefore, the road map takes a stepwise approach to policy making, giving officials and other stakeholders information on each step they need to take to achieve a more effective building code framework.

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MED-ENEC Supported the Beirut Energ Forum

MED-ENEC supported the organization of the 3rd Beirut Energy Forum by organizing a booth and participating in the forum program with experts' presentations. The Beirut Energy forum was held on 13 and 14 September 2012 under the patronage of H.E. Minister Gibran Basil, Minister of Energy and Water, who had personally inaugurated the exhibition area and visited MED-ENEC's booth. MED-ENEC booth was a meeting point which was visited by many experts and professionals who wanted to have discussions with MED-ENEC team and learn about the project's activities.

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MED-ENEC organizes the ENERGY FILM FORUM at the Beirut Energy Forum (BEF), September 13, 2012

TV-reportage, news and documentation films are the most influencing media meeting the challenge for important economic and political changes. For a sustainable future in the region the enhanced use of energy efficiency (EE) techniques and a switch to renewable energies (RE) are key factors. Particularly, this is the case in the construction sector. However, in the Arab countries the performance is lacking and interest is still low.

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Visit MED-ENEC at the Beirut Energy Forum 2012

MED-ENEC will be participating in the 3rd Edition of the Beirut Energy Forum taking place on 13-14 September 2012 in the Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand Hotel.

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MED-ENEC Provides the second "Energy Audit in Buildings" Training to its Partners in Palestine


Energy efficiency and energy saving are of a great importance for Palestine since all its energy needs to be imported. Energy Audit is one of the most important tools used for energy saving. Palestinian professionals working in the energy sector needed to be trained on how to conduct energy audits in buildings, accordingly MED-ENEC provided this on demand training to its partners in the palestinian energy authority.

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Is ESCO Business an effective instrument to reduce energy supply problems?

The Government of Israel is currently undertaking enforced initiatives to apply energy saving measures, among which is ESCO business. ESCO stands for energy service company; a commercial business providing a broad range of comprehensive energy solutions including designs and implementation of energy savings projects, energy conservation, energy infrastructure outsourcing, power generation and energy supply, and risk management.

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The Arab Forum on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: Building Financing Partnerships


Under the auspices of H.E. Dr Nabil El Araby, Secretary General of the Arab League and H.E. Dr. Hassan Younis Minister of Electricity and Energy of Egypt and President of the Executive Bureau of the Arab Ministerial Council of Electricity and Mr James Moron European Union Ambassador to Egypt, the "Arab Forum on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency under the theme of "Building Financing Partnerships” was held on the 23-24 April 2012 at the Arab League Headquarters.

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Regional Workshop on Regulation and certification of Energy Service Providers

Which road should the Arab countries go on to stimulate and regulate Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) business?

Representatives of 12 Arab countries and the League of Arab States Secretariat came together in a workshop to discuss regulation and certification of Energy Service Providers in the Arab countries.

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