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MED-ENEC organizes the ENERGY FILM FORUM at the Beirut Energy Forum (BEF), September 13, 2012

TV-reportage, news and documentation films are the most influencing media meeting the challenge for important economic and political changes. For a sustainable future in the region the enhanced use of energy efficiency (EE) techniques and a switch to renewable energies (RE) are key factors. Particularly, this is the case in the construction sector. However, in the Arab countries the performance is lacking and interest is still low.

 For this (and to overcome) MED-ENEC is organizing the ENERGY FILM FORUM with prominent filmmakers and media representatives from Europe and from the region. Please have a look to the exciting program including discussions, thematic workshops and matching events concerning

  • Cross media diversity influencing the film production,
  • Film dramaturgy in the context of energy, and
  • Documentary films


Background: The ENERGY FILM FORUM will function as a meeting point for film professionals. Our goal is to initiate translations and new productions facing the challenges of EE and RE. MED-ENEC is launching this new thematic format during the Beirut Energy Forum (BEF) with potentials for the entire southern Mediterranean region. The goal of the ENERGY FILM FORUM is to intensify the translation, production and broadcast of EE and RE films. For this we give a floor to producers, broadcasters, screenwriters, filmmakers and other film-professionals which need to network and cooperate.

The involvement of a professional film event in the BEF will open new opportunities and enhance new ideas. We also invite interested young professionals. Internationally recognized experts such as the German filmmaker and producer Carl A.- Fechner will present films and share experiences.

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