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Regional Workshop on Regulation and certification of Energy Service Providers

Which road should the Arab countries go on to stimulate and regulate Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) business?

Representatives of 12 Arab countries and the League of Arab States Secretariat came together in a workshop to discuss regulation and certification of Energy Service Providers in the Arab countries.

The workshop was organized in coordination between the League of Arab States’ (LAS) Energy Department, the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC), MED-ENEC and the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE), and attended by representatives from the relevant entities in LAS’s member countries, on Monday 7 May, 2012 in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Beirut, Lebanon.

The purpose of the workshop is to present and review the available experiences relating to national programs for the certification of energy managers and auditors and to kick off a study to be conducted by MED-ENEC on the availability of training and certification of energy managers and energy service providers in the Arab countries and on the international level, proposing a relevant regional program to be provided to the relevant entities in the League of Arab States’ member countries.

Fruitful discussions and interesting presentations were conducted (see end), resulting in launching the previously mentioned study and expression of interest of many delegations to contribute and support.


In order to achieve a high level of technical competence, objectivity and trust, Member States should, when necessary, ensure the availability of appropriate qualifications and certification schemes suitable to the accreditation of the providers of energy services and energy audit studies as well as measures to improve energy efficiency.”

Qualification and certification schemes are needed to regulate the market and protect consumers. It becomes a must to insure transparency and prevent misuse especially when public money is used as incentive or in fulfillment of a legal obligation.

 source: Article VII of the Arab Energy Efficiency Guideline "Availability of qualification, accreditation and certificates schemes"


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  1. Agenda
  2. Kurt Wiesegart - MED-ENEC II Presentation LEB ESCO
  3. Ettore Piantoni -Energy Service Providers, European Experience
  4. Arnulf Knorr - EUREM as an example for north-south synergy
  5. Rana Saloum & Ali Abdullatif, Bahrain ESP Beirut - Bahrain
  6. Nader El Hajj Shehadeh - Energy Services in Lebanon
  7. Assalhen Mohamed Assnousi - Libya Present Situation & Future Initiatives
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