MED-ENEC - Energy Efficiency in the Construction Sector in the Mediterranean

MED-ENEC - Facing The Energy Challenge

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A regional project funded by the European Union. It aims to increase the use of Energy Efficiency measures and Renewable Energy systems in buildings in southern and eastern Mediterranean countries. Apart from policy advice and business development, special emphasis is placed on the support of large building programmes as multipliers of climate friendly and cost-saving technologies and measures.

Building Capacities in Energy Efficient Urban Planning

How to reduce energy consumption of future buildings in new urban developments? In December 2012, 42 urban planning professionals attended a workshop to learn how to address energy related issues when designing urban areas. This workshop was organized by MED-ENEC in cooperation with the Urban Training Institute (UTI) in Cairo and was the first of its kind in Egypt.

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MED-ENEC Provides the 3rd Energy Audit Training to its Egyptian Beneficiaries

An Energy Audit training workshop was organized by MED-ENEC together with GEF-UNDP and the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and Energy during 27 to 31 January 2013 at the Ministry of Electricity and Energy’s premises in Cairo. The purpose of the training is building the capacity of local experts with the target in order to support the efforts of the country to use energy more efficiently and, thus, to save energy.

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MED ENEC looking forward to 2013

An eventful year in the MENA region is drawing to a close restrained by crucial challenges of the transformation period following the Arab Spring. Even more the impression is intensifying that the Arab world is confronted with a new era of economic insecurity posed - amongst others - by questions of the future energy demand and supply.

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Energy Efficiency Handbook

“Arab economies are not energy efficient.” This is the starting point for the “Energy Efficiency Handbook” which is intended to support buniness as a housekeeping guide for energy efficiency best practices. It focusses on commercial office buildings across the Arab region. The handbook is published by the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED) in cooperation with the MED-ENEC project.

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MED-ENEC Organizes a National Workshop to review Jordan’s Draft National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP)


The workshop was held on 3 December, 2012, in Amman Jordan under the Patronage of HE Minister of Energy & Mineral Resources, Mr. Alaa A. Batayneh 

HE Minister Alaa Batayneh

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The European Commission Organizes a Workshop titled "ESCO market development - Barriers and Support Mechanisms"


The establishment of ESCO markets in Eastern and South Eastern Europe faces various barriers. In oder to discuss and overcome the European Commission conducted a workshop on "ESCO market development - Barriers and Support Mechanisms" in Istanbul on 5-6 December, 2012. Dr. Kurt Wiesegart (TL MED-ENEC) was invited to provide a presentation on the development of ESCO market in selected countries and to highlight the success factors.

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RCREEE and the League of Arab States organize a Regional Workshop in Sana'a, Yemen


Jemen is joining the train towards energy efficiency. The League of Arab States organized with RCREEE a Regional Workshop – “NEEAP Development in the Arab region: Monitoring and Evaluation Methodology”. It was held in Sanaa, Yemen on 11-12 December, 2012. MED-ENEC contributed with a presentation issuing the major characteristics of ESCOs and market developments in selected countries. 

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NEEAP for Egypt launched

Egypt is beginning to save energy to avoid blackouts and reduce costs according to the new strategic NEEAP of the Ministry for Electricity and Energy called the “Energy Efficiency Plan in the Electricity Sector”.

H.E Minister Mahmoud Balbaa - Egypt NEEAP Nov. 2012

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Developing a Building Sector NAMA for Lebanon

For the first time in the region plans for implementation of NEEAPs have been developed and discussed in Lebanon. MED-ENEC discussed its proposal for a “NAMA” for the building sector in Beirut, with representatives of the Ministry of Energy, engineers, architects, administration, private companies and others; in total 35 experts. The Workshop was organized by the project's Focal Point, the L.C.E.C. on 16 October, 2012.

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