MED-ENEC - Energy Efficiency in the Construction Sector in the Mediterranean

MED-ENEC - Facing The Energy Challenge

External cooperation programmes - European Commission


A regional project funded by the European Union. It aims to increase the use of Energy Efficiency measures and Renewable Energy systems in buildings in southern and eastern Mediterranean countries. Apart from policy advice and business development, special emphasis is placed on the support of large building programmes as multipliers of climate friendly and cost-saving technologies and measures.

National Energy Efficiency Action Plan LCEC – Lebanon

This document developed jointly by RCREEE and MED-EMIP proposes a template and structure to report the salient features of the first NEEAP. The latter will be prepared for the first three year reporting period 2011‐2013 by national entities. The template is not mandatory but a tool to assist the stakeholders to communicate essential measures and impact of their NEEAPs and will also assist RCREEE to summarize and analyze the results to be published on an
annual basis by the Arab League.

Invitation for a constructive dialogue to imbed EE in the Egyptian Economy

Conference Opening Speech
Dr. Kurt Wiesegart, Team Leader MED-ENEC
4-5 May 2011 Ain Soukhna

Green architecture in Egypt: A sustainable project

Masdar city

Whenever anyone refers to green architecture, spectacular and space age buildings come to mind: Twelve West in Portland with urban wind turbines installed right on site, selected among the top ten green projects of 2010 by the American Institute of Architects, or the project of Masdar city in Abu Dhabi.

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Msc. Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design (IUSD)

The Msc. Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design aims to train a new generation of experts and decision-makers to face the tremendous environmental, cultural and social challenges resulting from the rapid urbanisation and ongoing societal transformation currently taking place in the Middle East and North Africa.
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International Leadership Training (ILT) - Energy efficiency in the construction sector


The International Leadership Training (ILT) programme run by the German Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, provides training for technical staff and managers of companies and institutions in countries with developing and transitional economies to help them initiate and manage the processes of change in their respective countries.

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The State of Renewable Energies in Europe

EurObserv’ER has released the annual publication ‘The State of Renewable Energies in Europe’, a synthesis of the Technology Barometers published during 2010 (with data up to and including 2009). The publication gives detailed capacity and energy performance data for all 27 Member States of the European Union for all renewable energy technologies.

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Build it Green - Sustainability Solutions Conference

Lebanon, Beirut
28.03.2011 - 29.03.2011

A panel of international experts will address Green Building Solutions in: Energy, Water, Architecture, Engineering, Landscaping and Green Building. The conference will include a special table-top exhibition area.

World Bank Highlights Opportunities for Carbon Finance in Arab Countries

World Bank19 January 2011: Speaking at the Second Arab Economic, Social and Developmental Summit, in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, Mahmoud Mohieldin, World Bank Managing Director, highlighted the potential of the Arab region in the renewable energy sector.

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