MED-ENEC - Energy Efficiency in the Construction Sector in the Mediterranean


External cooperation programmes - European Commission


Name of Financing Organisation: 
European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI)
Type of Financing Organisation: 
Government Organisation
Type of Measures/ Technologies: 
Energy Efficiency
Renewable Energy
Countries eligible for financing: 
Palestinian Territories
Eligible to: 
Type of Financing: 
Financing range (EUR): 
Please check with the organisation
Description & Conditions: 
For the period 2007-2013, 12 bio € of funding by the European Commission is available, which is supposed to support country programmes in neighbouring countries as well as regional and cross-border cooperation. The Neighbourhood Investment Facility, aimed at mobilising additional funding for neighbouring countries of the EU, is one of the instruments to implement the ENP. It combines two sources of funding: the European Commission earmarked 700 million € for the period 2007-2013; the Member States made pledges for 47 million € in addition. The focus of support is the infrastructure sector, including transport, energy, environment and social issues. There is no split of resources regarding individual sectors; the budget is allocated on a case-by-case base to projects that apply for funding through a European public financing institution which has to be recognized as eligible by the NIF board. In 2009, 15% (15.6 million €) of the NIF contribution to projects was distributed to energy projects, including an energy efficiency project, a hydropower project, and a project for a transmission network. Expenditures through EU instruments and programmes are presented by Directorate General (DG). From 2010 on the EU finances an energy program in Morocco funded by the ENPI. The total budget is 76 Million € of which 60 Million. € is directly channelled to the Moroccan Government as budget support to develop the energy sector. Half of these funds will be invested in the conventional energy sector, the other half in renewable energies and energy efficiency measures. Additionally, a grant programme of 10 Million € for energy efficiency measures in the building sector will be established and four Twinning projects will support capacity building measures.
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